• LOVE for the breed

  • RESPONSIBLE BREEDING of Labrador Retriever


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Welcome to EVERLABS

(Labrador Retriever breeders in Barcelona)

Everlabs has as purpose the improvement of the breed,  tiene como objetivo la mejora de la raza, both in its morphology and in its characteristic temperament.

So we make all the effort and put all our love in each of our litters.


We are known by making special and selected crosses.

We select the best  dogs to keep pure and improved the standard of the breed .

We do not have litters all over the year because  it takes a long time searching and travelling. The    welfare of our dogs is our priority, so we let them rest between every litter.

When a litter is  made in Everlabs, it's because we believe that it is the best crossing.

We leave our soul in every litter we make, that's why each puppy is so special.

Each puppy,

an illusion!