Know us

We are Oriol & Alicia,

Two crazy dog lovers.

We met this breed almost by chance, and in few seconds, we fell in love with it.


This is a breed that combines beauty, friendliness, energy and loveliness. It's impossible to go unnoticed.

Due to the love we feel for this breed, we decided to undertake this trip, to keep it in it's physical and character standard. This way, everyone can enjoy a Labrador Retriever!


Passionate about dogs and, in particular, of the Labrador Retriever.

She  spends most of her time  pampering and  consenting this  big boys!

With  Oriol, they study the possibilities of achieve, with each litter, the perfect match.



Our dogs are part of our family, so they live with us in our home.

During the day, they spend the most of the time playing and runing in the garden, or just lying out in the sun.

To sleep, they have a bedroom inside the house with all the necessary amenities to relax and recover.

Knows all pedigrees, all the dogs, both inside and outside the shows. He spends all his time training, preparing and loving our  dogs.

He studies the possible crosses and  different options to improve with every new litter.

Also, he's Handler at Everlabs.